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Friday, September 12, 2008

Resource Friday - Useful Links

I’ve found multiple sites that offer interesting articles, encouraging audio files or videos or wonderful ideas for family devotions. Here are but a few:

Steve Wright at Lasting Divergence linked to an outstanding article written by Abraham Piper, the son of John Piper, who decided at age nineteen he’d be honest and stop saying he was a Christian. How should a parent respond to a child who has left the faith of his family? Abraham offers twelve suggestions in “Let Them Come Home.”

Paula at Hearty Works pointed me towards the resources at Family Driven Faith, the ministry of Pastor Voddie Baucham. If you’d like some quick but powerful videos to watch to encourage you in your journey to witness and disciple your family, check out Family Driven Faith’s YouTube channel. I really like this video called The Importance of Family Worship.

Lasting Divergence also provided a link to John Piper’s audiocast of “How Does Pastor John Handle Spiritual Training At Home?” It gives an outstanding example of how one family diligently and faithfully made much of God in their home. I especially liked Piper’s suggestion of how to teach a 1-year old to have personal devotion time.

And finally, a free streaming audio of a talk Voddie Baucham gave concerning family worship is available here. He says family worship has become something of a lost art, one that would have a tremendous impact not only on family dynamics but on the legacy of God passed on to future generations. Then, when you’re done listening to the audio file, go on over to the Reforming Minds webpage where you’ll find a Reformed Family Worship Book full of material to guide you in Bible reading and catechism work. The site even provides sample pages of the book. It looks like a great resource.

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