Do You Desire To Bring Your Child Into The Kingdom?

It's hard enough to be a Christian parent in this world. How do we combat the forces of evil while at the same time raise our children to desire to walk in God's light? By seeking His face, His Word and inspiration from each other as we stumble through this parenting process together. You will find all the instruction, encouragement and resources you need right here at The Greatest Mission Trip You'll Ever Take to help you be the most effective witness to your child that God would have you be. Look around and come back often. Let's learn together.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recommended Resources

Find help with all the resources you might need for teaching your child about God's salvation plan and walking in His light. Check out the links below. Resources will be added on an ongoing basis.

Ken Collins site - how to figure out what all those different translations are
Teen Bibles
Bibles for older elementary children
Bibles for early elementary children
Bibles for toddlers and preschoolers
252 Boys Bible - designed with the boy age 8-12 in mind
Audio Bible Online - narrated KJV available for free download

reThink - learn how you and your church should work to raise your child in God's truth
The Spiritual Growth Of Children - a Focus on the Family resource
Dateable - Christian dating practices defined
Foxe's Book Of Martyrs - a chilling account of persecuted Christians
Stop Dating The Church - fall in love with the family of God
In His Steps - the story that started WWJD?
ApParent Privilege - a vision for parents who want to disciple their children
Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts - ideas for making the holiday resonate with Christ at the center
Family Driven Faith - biblical focus for raising Spirit-filled kids
Dare 2B Wise - 10-minute devotions for your teens using the Book of Proverbs
No More Jellyfish, Chickens Or Wimps - Christian responses to bullying & harrassment
Making Brothers And Sisters Best Friends - the title says it all
The Smart Step-Family - Steps for making a healthy blended family
Life In The Blender - Sandi Patti's take on life in a blended family
Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is) - excellent explanation of God's plan for sex, directed primarily at teen guys

Learning the books of the Bible using Wee Sing
Resources for adding singing to your family devotions

Sites - lots of free info, tools and encouragement here
Hometooling - family devotion guides; donation appreciated Update - Devotion guide on Matthew to be finished end of summer 2008
Lasting Divergence - thought provoking posts, latest stats, helpful info
Know Your Bible - freeware game; deluxe edition for nominal fee
Keys For Kids - free bimonthly family devotions, esp. for kids 5-12
Ken Collins - info on different Bible translations
The Rebelution - hard hitting resource for teens, by teens
The John Newton Challenge - free 52-week Bible reading program
Plugged In Online - Christian reviews of movies, TV shows, music and video games - online concordances and other study tools
Ten Commandments - various sites with lots of activities
The Voice Of The Martyrs - subscribe to free monthly newsletter about those who suffer persecution

Keys For Kids - free bimonthly family devotions, esp. for kids 5-12
The Passion Of The Christ - the movie; useful for teens
Hometooling - family devotion guides; donation appreciated Update - see above
Know Your Bible - freeware game; deluxe edition for nominal fee
The Ten Commandments
- wall hanging, useful for teaching
For Instruction In Righteousness - outstanding resource for character training
Values Driven Family - proactive instruction in godly character
Hero Tales - four volume series presenting heroes of the faith
Reformed Family Worship Book - useful for teaching from a reformed theology perspective
Learning About God From A To Z - full of role plays, puzzles, word games and stories

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