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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Being Set Apart Is Not Easy

My husband and I have long enjoyed the compliments of others who commend us on the behavior and spiritual maturity of our children. At times it has bordered on admiration, I think. People seem to recognize that we have something different going on in our family, a sense of unity and bonding that isn’t usually evident in the typical sense. They may not be fully aware of what we have done to develop this common thread between us, but they can definitely see that it is there.

We’re not alone. Families where the parents have dedicated their children to the Lord, in the truest, most sincere sense, experience the same bonding and unity. We offer nothing more than our commitment to obey God in teaching our children about Him and His law.

This teaching is not without its challenges or struggles. Every jungle has its dangers. We may be missionaries within our own home, but assuming these dangers are not there because we can’t see them is inviting treachery. Acknowledging that they’re there but doing nothing to prepare for or thwart them is nothing short of bizarrely stupid.

Modern social expectations make it extremely difficult for our children to understand what it means to be holy. Mother Theresa may have been a saintly woman, but very few children envision her as the goal they want to shoot for. Being set apart from their friends in dating, clothing styles and the acquiring of material possessions and status apart from God will be a hard won concept to teach. Being different is not easy, but that is what we need to be impressing upon our children to do.What is at stake, however, is not their social standing within the crowd or their ability to get into a good college and secure a high paying job. What is at stake is their salvation and living a life of faith through trust in Jesus Christ. Let’s face it, making it in life means nothing if our children are following them instead of Him.

It is this reason entirely that makes turning our home into a mission field so important. Just like going into any other mission field, overseas or not, it will require deliberate choices on our part. Missionaries being sent to remote areas of the world would never think of going in without a plan or the intent to consistently see it through. Neither should we.

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