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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bible Reading For Older Elementary Children

Older children who are more comfortable in their reading skills can start with a good children’s Bible. The length of time you spend in devotion may be dependent on how they view reading. If they read little on their own or if their reading material tends to be at the easy reader level, their attention span will be shorter and you’ll need to work within that framework.

Look for a children’s Bible that offers a multitude of embedded features that will help clarify or enrich what’s being read, and will help young eyes to keep moving. We live in a culture, for better or worse, that relies on the 2-second blip (count how many seconds exist between scenes in any given commercial or music video). Movement often equates to excitement, and being able to move around from text to highlighted information tends to make Bible reading more interesting.

Our oldest boys were each given the Traditional Values Holy Bible (King James Version) when they were about seven and eight. The KJV is a little more difficult to follow along with, especially if your child is not a strong reader, but this particular Bible offers relevant pictures scattered throughout; sections called Values To Build On that highlight certain key virtues like honesty, prayerfulness and courage; background explanations before the start of each book; and verses that are highlighted for memorization or further explanation. It can be found on Amazon, but this particular Bible doesn’t seem to be around much anymore.

Our youngest two each received The Adventure Bible (New International Version). Similar to the one their older brothers got, this one has background information at the start of each book also. There are only a few pictures inserted here and there, but lots of blurbs such as Life In Bible Times, Words To Remember (verses to memorize), Did You Know? (interesting tidbits of fact), Let’s Live It! (activities for life application) as well as charts, maps and a small dictionary-concordance. There are also several break-out sections listing things like the Ten Commandments, who the apostles were, etc.

Asking your child to share any of this additional material after you’ve read a passage is a good way to involve him in family devotions. It may also help spark some discussion, which is what you want the Bible reading to do.

With consistency and persistent regularity your devotions will become richer, stronger and extend into other areas of your family’s life. Do not be surprised at how your child will begin interacting with you on a deeper, more spiritual level.

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