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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Going To The Source

Growing up we lived in a fairly rural area, with plenty of open fields and wide spaces. It wasn’t unusual to see moles, possums and raccoons scavenging the yards. Occasionally one would get inside the garage and create a racket, looking for anything interesting to get into. On rarer occasions (fortunately), one would get inside the house, often through a vent or an unseen opening.

One year we had a critter find its way inside the heating ducts. How did we know that’s where it was? Because apparently it had died in the maze, and when we turned the furnace on for the first time that season, a rather pungent odor filled (and I mean, filled) the house.

We tried airing out the house, using deodorizers and going without heat for a few days, but the only way to get rid of the foul smell was to find the carcass and remove it from the ductwork. No small task, but my dad was finally able to locate it and restore a more pleasant smelling normalcy to our home.

You’re best off going to the source of whatever you’re trying to find or learn. We weren’t getting rid of the dead varmint smell without finding the dead varmint. If I want to learn to ski I’m better off going to a mountain resort and not a beach. If I want to cook like Julia Child I’d do well to get her cookbooks and read them. If I find I’ve been overcharged on a purchase, I need to seek out store management where I bought it and not go to a different store.

If we want to find the way to God’s salvation, we need to go directly to the source. Assuming none of us wants to be called home prematurely, that means going to what was left behind for us to get to know Him better - His Word. His plan for saving us from our sins is found throughout Scripture and is there for us to personally consume for the nourishment of ourselves and our loved ones.

Now we have the second reason for reading the Bible to our children: It’s where we find the source of God’s salvation. I’ll ask some pointed questions about this tomorrow.

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