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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Humor Break - Prayer

photo by George E Norkus

It's been a very busy week and I didn't have time to put together a post for today. Usually I reserve Saturdays for something more personal and anecdotal of our family. Kind of a way to get to know us without all the teaching involved. But on top of being busy, I guess I was uninspired. We were boring this week!
So I pulled a previously published post and decided to share that with you. Prayer is an awesome way of connecting with our Lord, but it does have the potential for some humorous outtakes. My daughter has a habit of collecting them:
My 15-year old daughter shared this with me. She used to have lawn mowing duties until her younger brother took over in the last year or two. However, yard work wasn’t up there as one of her favorite things to do (how hard can it be? The riding mower does all the work. But I digress...).

One bright, sunny day she was scheduled to cut the grass in the afternoon. She was so-o not looking forward to it. Absolutely dreading it. Dragging her feet. Hoping the afternoon would never come. Putting off lunch hoping it would stall time. Wondering if she could scrub the kitchen sink with a toothbrush. Anything.

As the afternoon marched nearer she looked at the sky that was deeply blue and without a cloud in sight and prayed (begged), “Lord, can you make it rain?”

Within the hour it began pouring. She swears as she danced around the house she could hear God laughing.

She shared another one with me. Last summer she went to Jamaica on a mission trip with members of her youth group. She was getting ready to leave the dorm but couldn’t find her sandals anywhere. She looked everywhere they could have possibly been - her suitcase, under her bunk, on her bunk, outside her door. They were nowhere to be found. Knowing she was holding up the rest of the team, she grew desperate. Where were they?

She stopped where she was and prayed, “Lord, you help find the lost souls of the world. Surely you can handle finding a pair of sandals.” In a still, small voice she heard in reply, “Behind you.” And there they were, behind her on the floor, under another bunk, the sandals she was looking for.
Anything humorous happen with your children or you that you'd like to share? Leave a comment. We could all use a healthy dose of laughing.
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