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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Joshua Kind Of A Dad, Part 2

If we call ourselves Christians, and we actually follow Christ, then we must constantly evaluate where we stand in our obedience to God’s Word. As parents, that includes discerning what our roles are to be as outlined for us by God. We are taught over and over that fathers are to be the leaders in their homes, setting the example of being humble servants to God’s Word and accepting the liability of bringing their family to the feet of the Lord.

It requires asking tough questions, really tough questions. Are you prepared to look yourself in the mirror and answer them?

Fathers, where do you stand in the leadership of your family? Do you want your children saved? Are you, then, leading by example? Are you establishing the standard for your household as godly, or are you allowing the world to dictate to you how you practice your faith? Is the name of Jesus spoken in your home on any day other than Sunday?

Fathers, do your children catch you reading the Bible for yourself? Do you ever insist that the children gather around while you teach from God’s Word, or do you leave it to Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders or your pastor to do your job? Do they know where you stand, exactly, on salvation, living for Christ, reaching others?

Fathers, do you make the assumption that religious training is a feminine skill, best left to the nurturance and devotion of a doting mother? Have you let others usurp your God-given position of authority as the spiritual leader of your family? Have you been convinced by society and the world at large that your masculinity must be feminized in order to bring your children up in a world where faith is neutral and God is a detached supreme being?

If you were called before God right now, how would you answer for yourself?

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