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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let Your Children See You Pray

photo by Wharman

One morning, as I was sitting on the sofa in our living room, my thirteen year old son bounded in with a book open in his hands. He wanted to show me some amazing picture that had captured his interest, so without even looking up from the text he began engaging me in animated conversation. At one point he looked up, saw the open Bible in my lap and that my eyes had been closed, and immediately began apologizing for disturbing my personal devotion time. I assured him that it was all right and beckoned him to show me what he had found. It’s not like he normally interrupts me while I’m praying.

Parents must set the example of a prayerful life for their children. They should see us actively engaging in prayer and hear us discussing with each other the need for taking areas of concern to the Lord. Our children should know how important it is that we talk to the Lord and that we do it not only daily but every time a situation calls for it.

We hold family devotions in the morning. Afterward I send the children to their rooms to have a time of personal devotion while I usually have mine sitting on the couch. I could go to my bedroom, but I want our children to know that their mother is a praying parent and that I’m not afraid of them seeing me pray in front of them. I also want them to learn that I pray when I read my Bible in the morning as a way of rounding out my devotion.

My intent, however, is not to glorify myself by showing my children how saintly I am. Jesus criticized those who “love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men” (Matthew.6:5), but sitting in your own house with your children around you doesn’t constitute grandstanding. I want our children to see that praying is a genuine part of a Christian’s life in general, and our family’s life specifically. Hopefully, then, prayer will be part of the godly legacy they pass down to their children.


Sheila said...

I absolutely agree.

The purpose of the warning in Matthew 6:5 was about people attempting to raise their reputation and status through public prayer.

When our kids see us praying, we're not raising our reputation and status in the community. We're simply modelling.

And just as they see us praying, they will also see that we are humble and gentle about it.

So let's all pray away! And pray out loud, too. I've been noticing lately that I often get my kids to pray before they go to bed, but they have to hear me praying, too.

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Ron Edmondson said...

Absolutely not a problem to pray in front of your children. That verse can be misused. Jesus prayed in front of the disciples. It was how He taught them to pray. He prayed in front of thousands when He broke bread and fed the multitude.

In matters of prayer, God looks at the heart. The heart of parents should be to model a relationship with Christ in front of them. That includes prayer.

Cathy Nagle said...

Just from the content of your post, it's not difficult to see that you consider EVERYTHING in His Word carefully, even considering your own motives in praying before your children. That tells me you allowed the Lord to search your heart. What a beautiful example you continue to display before your children! =)

God Bless you & have a very Merry Christmas!