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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Places We’ve Held Family Devotions

Around the breakfast table
Around the lunch table
Around the dinner table
All sitting together on the living room sofa
On the back deck with wine glasses filled with orange juice
At a local park
In a restaurant
In a hotel room
In a tent in the back yard
While taking a walk around the neighborhood
Sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs
Once in a tree (it wasn’t very comfortable)
Sitting on the living room floor
In mom and dad’s bed
In this child’s bed
In that child’s bed
On the bedroom floor
In a cabin on vacation
In dad’s truck
In the car when traveling to visit family
In a refrigerator box made into a cave
On Christmas morning in front of the tree
On a picnic blanket in the back yard
Under a flashlight when the electricity went out
Under a flashlight because we felt like it
Under blankets with snow falling outside
Amidst moving boxes in a new home

Where can you hold a family devotion?

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