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Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Is Prayer Speak?

photo by Anlex Basilio

We oftentimes relegate prayer to either a certain time slot or make it a distinctive entity, taking place as a group effort with a specific focus. We come together and pray for sick loved ones, troubled friends and worrisome leaders. Sometimes, though, we just need to have a good ol’ conversation with God. Something spontaneous, off the cuff and totally natural.

“God, you are so awesome!”
“Whew, thank you, Lord.”
“Man, Jesus, I have totally messed up.”
“Lord, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“Love you, God.”

This is what I call prayer speak. You’re not asking for anything, you’re not deliberating for long periods of time, but you are definitely connecting with God in a personal, one-on-one way, a conversational snippet at a time. Bringing God into your daily dialogue helps you stay focused on His presence as you go about your day.

Letting your children catch you at prayer speak will let them know that God is with you all the time, so much so that you consider Him a dear friend in whom you confide and share with. Your relationship with Him is not a casual thing, but a warm, enduring connection given to genuine love and honor. You have given the Lord first place in your life, and it shows. Your children hear it in your words.

So the next time you brake just in time to prevent an accident, your child says he loves you, you bite into a delicious spoonful of Double Fudge Chocolate ice cream, or see a stunning sunset, let your children hear you say, “Thank you, Lord. You are so awesome!”

1 comment:

Diane L. Harris said...

Oh, what a relief it is to know we can just talk to God. When I found out there were no magic words and nobody else's prayer was better than mine, I couldn't help falling in love with God all over again. He makes my head spin because of His unrelenting goodness.

Diane L. Harris