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Friday, May 2, 2008

Tools Of The Christian Family

Now that it’s much warmer here, I get to see the moms and dads out strolling with their babies or pulling their little ones in a wagon behind them. The fresh air does everybody good, the children are obviously enjoying themselves, and it just reeks of innocence and family togetherness. It makes me smile every time.

I find myself praying for them as they pass by. It seems too many of us lose the family togetherness in favor of pursuing well-roundedness and a competitive edge. We’re so tired from the pace we keep that when we have time to do a family activity, we don’t do it. The down time becomes just as important as all the extracurricular stuff. We tell ourselves we’ll get together soon, play a game maybe, or go get an ice cream. Then we never do.

The problem with this mentality is we cheat ourselves and our children out of precious memories, occasions to learn together, and opportunities to grow in relationship. Some of the best chances we’ll ever have to witness to our children about Jesus Christ, either in word or by example, is when we’re doing something together, collectively, as a family.

So am I saying that, while I’m throwing a Frisbee around, I should be evangelizing my child? In essence, yes. Quoting Scripture verse and preaching life application? Mmmm, maybe. What really comes out of these episodes of family togetherness, if done regularly, is connection. Connecting opens up communication, communication leads to sharing, and sharing dovetails into multiple opportunities for teaching my child about God.

So, see all those puzzles and game boards collecting dust in the closet? Remember the bikes in the garage? What about that basketball? We are missionaries in our own homes. We need to consider these tools of the trade.

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