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Friday, June 13, 2008

5 Ways To Create A Home Of Worship - Fill It With Christian Music

One last tool that can be used for creating a home of worship is playing Christian music. There are many styles of music, but the message should be the same. I don’t know that all Christian music exalts God, and I do have a few concerns that some Christian artists present a very worldly image to their audience (if they’re exalting God, why aren’t they smiling on their jacket covers?).

Nonetheless, there are a lot of worthy songs out there that inspire us to a different level of worship and that can positively influence our children. We don’t listen solely to Christian songs, but we do ascribe to the parameters of Philippians 4:8 (whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right….) in our choice of music.

Exposure by our children to the outside world means exposure to a lot of ungodly musical tastes. It may be impossible to prevent interest in certain genres of music. Your child likes what he likes and to deny and renounce his selection will inevitably set up a battleground of the wills that may not be winnable, even if you get your way.

Having experienced both public and home school, I know the uphill battle we fought with our two oldest sons in this area. There was many a discussion around the dinner table about lyrics, image and intent that, unfortunately, I think went in one ear and out the other. There were some CDs, when I found them and reviewed them, that I would not allow in the house. I wasn’t so na├»ve as to think that was the end of the artist. My intent was to establish what our household stood for, and it wasn’t what was on the CD.

Mainly what we did to battle the outside world was to expose our children to different types of music and encourage not zoning in on just one style. Thus they heard everything from classical to Broadway, from certain kinds of jazz, rock, pop and easy listening to most kinds of mainstream Christian music. But frankly, most of what we listened to as a family was Christian in nature.

My daughter, Rachel, has been gifted with a passion and talent for music, and it brings me great pleasure to hear her absent-mindedly singing a hymn or praise song as she goes about her day. And that has been the intention of deliberately playing Christian music in our home. I want that to be her first choice, and I know God hears her sweet offering, even if she’s not aware she’s singing.

There’s a line from the Disney movie Freaky Friday that we sometimes banter around our home. As a child leaves to go somewhere one of us will yell out, “Make good choices!” In essence, that’s what we’re trying to accomplish with our children at home, but to make godly choices. We want them to choose God in thought, deed and word.

Creating thankful hearts in our children is a long and tedious process. It’s an uphill battle for many. It takes years of consistent and diligent effort on our part before it becomes a matter of conviction on our child’s part. Yet, make the effort to create an environment in your home that lets your child know God is awesome, that He is deserving of our praise and that He is central to who you are as a family. Your child’s walk toward salvation will be much easier.

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Shelley Grieser said...

Hi Deb,
Great Advice! One thing I have done with my children is to take them to Christian concerts. Seeing artists in person helps them connect to the music and the artists- they also enjoy checking out Mercy Me's blog, Marc Schultz, and following what various artists are doing.It can be such a great experience worshipping and praising God with your kids at a concert, plus they see people from all generations there with a heart for God. It is one of my favorite things to do with my kids.

Blessings to you! Great Blog.

Deb Burton said...

What great insight and advice. Thanks Shelley!