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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

5 Ways To Create A Home Of Worship - Never Miss Honoring The Sabbath

photo by Adam Baker

There have been occasions when we’ve missed church service, but we’ve never missed worshipping God as a family on Sunday. Sometimes it’s because of my husband’s work when he’s made it home just when we’d be normally leaving for church. Most of the time, though, it’s while we’ve been on vacation.

When it’s been just the four of us we hold what amounts to a family devotion. When vacation plans include extended family, it tends to get more involved. We will make an announcement that “church” will be held Sunday morning at either our cottage or one nearby. Plans are made for heaping piles of pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage, cinnamon rolls, and the occasional fruit cup. Family members are encouraged to bring their Bible and their questions.

What takes place is a cross between a worship service and Sunday school. We pray, we read, we sometimes sing, we discuss, we go off on tangents. Oftentimes we’re still going at it two hours later, especially when the discussion gets hot and heavy. Drives the little ones crazy when there’s fishing to be done and a blissfully cool pool calling.

Although it happens only a couple times a year our family has actually developed a fondness for the time spent together in this fashion. Unless we’re visiting family and attending church with them, we’ll hold “church” wherever we are.

Should we never miss church? I’m a firm believer in following what the Bible says. There’s nothing in there that says Thou shalt never miss church. However, ‘Thou shalt honor the Sabbath and keep it holy’ made it into the top ten commandments, and Jesus was at temple on every Sabbath. That’s good enough for me.

There should never be a Sunday that goes by where our families are not worshipping our Lord and Savior. God gives us seven days to our week. He only asks us to dedicate one specifically to Him. Considering what He gave up for our benefit, our families should be in church on Sunday morning. It is a deliberate choice toward creating a worshipful home.
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Marc Carrier said...

Hi Deb,

I know you moderate, so you don't have to post this if you don't want. It's not that important.

However, I did want to clarify that the Sabbath cited in Scripture is unquestionably the last day of the week, Saturday. There is no Biblical precedent of any sort for considering Sunday the Sabbath. Citing the commandment and the example of Christ's obedience to the Sabbath only exemplifies the modern church's disregard for the command. However, there are a few NT passages that can be interpreted to justify the disregard of the commandment.

The Bible elsewhere describes that the saints met on the first day of the week, described as the Lord's Day (Sunday). This was early church practice. Likewise, the Scriptures command us not to forsake the gathering of the brethren (which was on the first day).

The Carrier's are actually Sabbath observers--not because we are bound, but because Christ said the Sabbath was for man. Our day of rest is a gift. We do no work on Saturday and set the day apart as holy. We also gather with the saints on the Lord's Day, Sunday. We do not judge others who do not, but just like tithing (which is not a NT command), we abide by it because we know there is a blessing in it.

Just wanted to clarify those points. Most Christians miss those.

rick osborne said...


I appreciate Marc's comments. I was raised keeping the Sabbath, Saturday, the seventh day of the week. However, you cannot find a single scripture that transfers the Sabbath obligation to NT Christians or the sabbath obligations to Sunday, the Lord's day. Our meeting on Sunday has nothing to do with the Sabbath. Again, there are no scriptures linking the two. I would direct your readers (those interested) to Hebrews 3 and 4. The Sabbath and the rest that it provided is a picture of Christ and the rest we enter into when we become Christians; we cease from our own works (our efforts to make ourselves right with God)and rest in the complete work of Christ. Having said that, I commend Marc for continuing in the Sabbath, like tithing it's a blessing. Although I'd warn any who would rest in the law and ignore the true meaning of the Sabbath and tithing. Our sabbath, or trust in Christ's complete work is 24/7 and our tithe is no longer 10% - he is our Lord and owns and controls it all - he is to control of 100% of our hearts not ten.

I no longer keep the Sabbath, (and I doubt Marc does in all the fine detail that the OT commands) but I enjoy the rest that Christ has provided 24/7 and I chose to use Sunday to commemorate that rest.

Also regarding the topic of your blog, I did the same thing when my children were younger and because of holidays or vacation we couldn't make it to church. (We'd sleep in though and do it later - we jokingly said that we were attending 'The Church of The White Fluffy Pillow') : )

Deb Burton said...

I appreciate you weighing in on this as well. I know in some cases (pastors, for instance)people who have made another day of the week their Sabbath, especially since the weekend was tied up doing "church work". They refrained from work and enjoyed a time of rest with their families on a day other than Saturay or Sunday.