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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diverging Churches

Does your church actively equip and guide its parents toward family devotions and discipleship? I know many churches have very active and growing youth programs, but does your youth program partner with you, teaching you how to witness to your child, read the Bible together, pray with each other?

Lasting Divergence, a blogsite dedicated to both encouraging parents and changing the mindset of youth pastors to that end, frequently posts interviews with student pastors about how they are going about changing the prevailing mindset in their church. These pastors have decided to break away from the fun and games methodology of teen outreach and focus instead on biblical truth. They’re also transitioning into a more parent-focused ministry.

What I find most interesting is the observations shared about the differences these pastors see in both students and parents. Closer relationships. Deeper faith. Stronger walks. A turn toward godly priorities. Understanding and appreciation of roles in the family. An enthusiasm to learn more and teach others.

Isn’t that what youth programs should be all about?

Read today’s post, an interview with Kevin Rainey of FBC Clarkesville, AR. To read interviews with other pastors about how they’re doing things in their neck of the woods, click on the Diverging Churches link at the bottom of the site’s page. If you’re a parent and want to see your church move in this direction so that you and others can be equipped (and encouraged!) to be missionaries in your own home, I’d encourage you to forward this info to your own church leadership. Let them know how you want to be in obedience to God’s will for your life as a parent and that you want their help.

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