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Monday, June 23, 2008

Step By Step To Family Devotions - Bathe Your Intent In Prayer

I’ve decided to add a new feature to this blog, one that I hope will be an encouragement and a practical tool for establishing family devotions in your home. Every Monday, at least for a while, you’ll find a special posting designed to take you step by step to holding devotions with your children. I recognize that many parents really have a heart for doing this, but somehow just don’t seem to get it off the ground.

By focusing on only one task per week, the act of gathering together as a family to read God’s Word and apply His truths to our family’s life may not seem such a daunting job. Any time we can break something down into more manageable pieces, it becomes easier to accomplish.

Included with many of the posts will be a homework assignment that will get you moving in the right direction. By following the leading each Monday, you’ll be enjoying family devotions in no time.

So, here’s the first step: for the next week, bathe your intent in prayer. I want you to get very specific with this. No generalized thought process, here. I want you to schedule a specific moment every day, no more than five minutes, to pray for God’s leading, equipping, and counsel, and to dedicate your time and effort in holding family devotions to Him.

Ideally, this needs to be done as husband and wife, so discuss it with your spouse and set a mutual time for praying together. If you’re single or your spouse is either uncommitted or not a believer, do it yourself. We all lead busy lives, but I don’t want you holding this prayer time while you’re carpooling to work or at the last minute before bedtime because you forgot to make it happen earlier in the day. We’re only talking five minutes, here. I want it to be a very God-focused five minutes.

Spend the next week bathing your intent to hold family devotions in prayer. It’s imperative to start with this step.

Homework: 1. Speak to your spouse and establish a specific 5 minutes for prayer time
2. If you’re flying solo, set a specific 5 minutes for yourself
3. Pray daily

Heavenly Father, we (I) really want to teach our (my) child(ren) about who You are and what being a Christian is all about. We (I) want to be obedient to your Word and bring our (my) child(ren) into your Kingdom. Teach us (me) how, Lord. Equip us (me) to do this and fill us (me) with your wisdom so that our (my) child(ren) come to love You as much as we (I) do. Prepare our (my) heart(s)and the heart(s) of our (my) child(ren) for receiving your Word. We (I) dedicate this effort to you, Lord. May it be pleasing in Your eyes and a blessing to our (my) family. In Jesus’ name we (I) pray, amen. (30 seconds, by my watch)

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