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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inside The Mind Of A Christian Girl

Can I get away with an unashamed plug for my daughter’s new blog? She’s decided to share her thoughts and memories of the two mission trips she’s been on, the first to Jamaica, the last to Lincoln, Nebraska. Both have been exceptional learning experiences for her, although for different reasons. A lot of what she shares tends to be activity-based (first we did this, then we did that…), but she also opens her thoughts and feelings for inspection as she comes to terms with being a Christian teen in today’s world.

You might find it interesting to crawl inside the mind of a fifteen year old girl and see things through her perspective. I did. It led to some deep discussion and intimate sharing between us. Maybe it’ll help you relate better to your daughter.

It’s called Way of Shiloh. Leave a comment to bolster her spirit.

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