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Friday, July 18, 2008

Resource Friday - Plugged In Online

photo by jslander

You’ve heard good things about a movie that has just come out on DVD. You decide it’d be great to have a night in (especially with gas prices being what they are), microwave a huge bowl of popcorn and settle in on a movie the whole family can watch.

How many times, though, have you been disappointed to find out the subject matter wasn’t what you thought it was, the cinematic devices are problematic (sensuality/nudity, violence, language, etc.) or that the storyline is weaker than flat soda pop on a hot day? Is there a way to preemptively figure out if this movie is all it’s cracked up to be?

If you check it out on Plugged In Online beforehand, you might not bother with renting it, opting instead for, I don’t know, lobbing water balloons at the neighbor’s yappy dog (please don’t take me literally folks).

Many of you may already be aware of this free online resource that provides reviews from a Christian perspective on movies, TV shows and music. Our family uses it A LOT, mostly for movies, to give us both a heads up on questionable material and decide whether the flick is worth our time and money to watch.

For movies (whether box office or on DVD) the reviewer points out the following value-driven aspects: overview, positive elements, sexual content, violent content, crude or profane language, drug and alcohol content, other negative elements and a conclusion containing the reviewer’s opinion of the overall movie.

For music CDs reviewers evaluate them for both pro-social and objectionable content of its listed songs, and then provide an overall summarization of the album. Reviewers for TV shows and video games provide an overall summarization and opinion after watching several episodes or moving through several levels, respectively.

Alphabetical archives are available in each section, allowing you to read reviews from past selections, although I wouldn’t be looking for any oldies but goodies in there.

Our family tries to abide by Philippians 4:8 as its parameter for entertainment. However, we’ve been known to engage in hotly contested debate over whether a particular movie is a good choice for our family viewing. Time and time again an “I told you so” has been heard after watching a movie that didn’t come even decently rated by Plugged In Online. We’ve come to trust and greatly respect the reviews of the folks there. It’s allowed our family to make better informed decisions about our entertainment.

Every Friday is Resource Friday! Share what has worked with your family: devotionals, supplemental materials, books, software, games, camps, etc. Your contribution could be answered prayer for another family. Simply email me or leave a comment about your recommendation.

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