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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Problem Of The Week - The Shy Child

photo by subcircle

Each week I’ll pose a question, a problem that any typical Christian parent might face that makes teaching a child about God and His truths a challenge. How would you answer that parent? What advice would you give? Are you struggling with the same issue? What does the Bible say about it?

Here’s this week’s question:

Your child has an introverted personality by nature and is balking at participating in church group activities - Sunday school, children's/student ministry activities, VBS, group outings, etc. You feel your child would benefit from participating (for any number of reasons). Do you push it?

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Dave Lewis said...

since I have an introverted child, I'll share my comments. Don't push him into anything. Let them participate and share at teir own level. Push him too much and he'll shut right down and become anti-social. My son is at church, VBS and other activities. If he wants to sit in a corner by himself for awhile, I let him. He does eventually join in at his own pace. I have learned to choose my battles carefully. I cannot force my child to go against his nature. I have another son who is completely opposite. He is extremely extroverted to the point where he always wants to be at the center of attention. Each child has his own way of socializing and learning. Proverbs says, "train up a child in the way he should go..." that means let him be who he is. There is a time to insist that he at least try new things, but also a time to back off and let him proceed at his own pace.