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Friday, September 26, 2008

Resource Friday - ApParent Privilege

My friend Steve Wright, a student pastor at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC is releasing his second book, ApParent Privilege, in mid-October. I’d really like to get my hands on this book because if it’s anything like his first book, reThink, it’ll make you stop what you’re doing and think real hard about the direction you’re going with your kids.

When reThink came out it prodded a lot of pastors toward reevaluating their focus toward youth ministry. Along the way, parents climbed on board and began asking some of the same questions:

What does this discipleship process look like?
How do we get involved as the spiritual teachers of our own children?

As Steve says on his website, Lasting Divergence, “ApParent Privilege was written to answer [these] questions and to encourage parents with scripture, research, practical ideas as well as encouraging stories.” It “provides biblical understanding and up-to-the minute research to encourage parents in the unparalleled opportunity they have to be the primary influencer of their children. This book presents parents with a biblical framework for parenting within both the family and the church.”

There’s also a parenting curriculum for churches who want to equip their parents to be disciplers in their home. You can pre-order both the book and the curriculum on Inquest Ministries website.

I will definitely be ordering this book. I’ve heard Steve speak, I read his first book, and he shares the same vision for families that I do. Without ever seeing the book, I know I won’t be disappointed. Order one for yourself, too.

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