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Friday, September 5, 2008

Resource Friday - In His Steps

photo by Greg Burkett

On occasion our family has taken a short break from reading the Bible in our family devotions and pursued other books or activities. We almost never use fiction, but we made an exception with In His Steps.

In His Steps, written by Charles M. Sheldon in 1896 (yes, I do like old books), is the story of a congregation who strives to take their faith to the next level, that of applying an underlying principle of “what would Jesus do?” before making a decision or engaging in activity. Determining the answer to that question had profound consequences for the characters in the book, requiring sacrifice and sometimes ridicule by the world in order to live a life glorifying to God.

Although the setting is in the late 19th century, my children had no problem identifying with the characters in the story and the conflicts they had to address. Reading from the book led to discussion about how they would handle a particular issue, how they would feel, and what the Bible says about such things.

I read the book out loud as part of our devotion time, and as I recall my older two children were in early high school while the younger two would have been early/mid elementary. The younger two don’t remember a lot about the book now, so we will probably pick it back up to read it at some point in the future.

Good book to read for discussion, especially for late elementary children on up, but younger ones can listen in.

Every Friday is Resource Friday. What materials have you used in your home? Have you read a book that really impacted your spiritual walk as a parent? Any supplemental activities or resources that were really helpful? Share them with us. Leave a comment or email me at with your information.

Most importantly, leave me a way of contacting you so I can ask questions, especially to get an idea of how you used it and why you liked it (Laura from jonesgirlsschool, where are you?). Your suggestion could be answered prayer for someone else!
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