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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Hidden Addiction Of Gossip

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Do certain people just inspire you? Do they allow their lives to be transparent enough that you can see yourself through their struggles? Then, as they strive to overcome potential defeat or regretful living, they motivate you to live more victoriously in your own life?

My daughter inspires me.

She just posted a tremendous article on her blog, Way of Shiloh, entitled Hidden Addiction. In it she comes clean with a sin in her life in a way that perhaps redefines how I look at it in my own. Here’s an excerpt:

Compassion is one of my gifts. When other people hurt, I hurt, and it stays until I know they feel better. Almost every one of my friends comes to me when they have to talk about something deep (both girls and guys alike). They know I listen well and give the best advice (which is the result of God speaking through me, not me speaking through myself...sometimes I don't even remember the advice I gave them, yet it made their entire day). They know I care and I don't listen to secrets just so I have the knowledge. If a secret needs to be kept, they know I will keep it. I have established that kind of a reputation.
However, I am still guilty of indulging in something most teen girls (and even older women) are addicted to. It's not alcohol. It's not drugs. It's not cigarettes. It's not sex.
It's gossip.
Now you may think that clashes with my statement up there, but there are actually 3 kinds of gossips: the ones who spread it, the ones who listen to it, and the ones who do both. I happen to be guilty of being the second kind of gossip, the one who doesn't spread it and doesn't tell other people's secrets, but definitely wants to know what they are.

You can read the post in its entirety on her site as she shares an incident that happened last Sunday that brought everything into perspective. Folks, the girl is fifteen years old (she’ll be sixteen in 25 days) and already she acts more like a Titus 2 woman than many Christian women out there. What will the Lord do with this girl as she matures….

What have you learned about yourself as a parent or what morsel of wisdom has God spoken to you through your child? I would love a comment. And while you’re at it, share a thought or two with my daughter over at her site.
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