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Friday, October 17, 2008

Resource Friday - ApParent Privilege

InQuest Ministries sent me an advanced copy of Steve Wright’s new book, ApParent Privilege, asking me to review and post my thoughts about it on TGMT. I was really excited to receive the invitation to take a look at it. I had read Steve’s first book, reThink, which although it was written for youth pastors, had a lot of application for parents.

I also attended the reThink conference in May of this year and was able to hear Steve speak on the subject of youth pastors reevaluating their youth programs to better reflect a biblical foundation rather than a fun and games approach. His passion came through loud and clear. I remember thinking, this guy needs to write a book for parents.

ApParent Privilege demonstrates a vision that every parent understand his and her responsibility and, yes, privilege to teach their child about God and His wonderful plan for salvation. Steve acknowledges that things have changed in our world and our children face even greater challenges to their faith than ever before.

It’s not enough to assume that being good parents will get our children safely into adulthood with their faith intact.

“I know what the real world looks like, but I would rather my daughter and sons love Jesus than be straight-A students, scholarship athletes, or class presidents. I want godly kids, not just good ones. That is what makes Christian parenting different than what the world wants for their children. That is the difference between good parenting and godly parenting (p. 73, ApParent Privilege).”

There’s no browbeating in this book. Steve comes across as a fellow parent, a father of three teens who has struggled with keeping his children focused on God in a world that ridicules those who do. He offers practical advice from both his perspective and his experience as a youth pastor working with and counseling the parents of his students.

Steve also offers sound theology. There’s nothing stuffy here, but you can’t encourage parents to step up to their God-given responsibility to raise godly children without laying a foundation in Scripture.

Lastly, as if you would need any more reinforcement, Steve provides plenty of research, both secular and Christian, showing how important it is for parents to accept being the primary influence in their child’s life. His teaching is well supported with the words and thoughts of great Christian thinkers and workers.

There are a lot of great examples, useful ideas and thought-provoking sections. As an example, Steve discussed taking your child on a Passage Trip. I took my daughter on one when she was thirteen, but after reading what Steve has to say on it, I may want to arrange another one as she prepares for her sixteenth birthday.

ApParent Privilege is well written and engaging. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Pre-order your copy of ApParent Privilege by going to InQuest’s site or you can pre-order it through It’s release date is scheduled for November 1, 2008.

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