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Friday, October 3, 2008

Resource Friday - Learning About God From A To Z

photo by Xurble

My friend Lisa Lehmann (aka thebeadgirl) brought an interesting study time book to my attention the other day. Learning About God From A To Z by Mary Erickson, published by Sonlight Curriculum, is a pretty hefty book (228 pages) full of role plays, word games, puzzles and stories to help your child better grasp the profound truths of God.

Lisa said she started using the book three years ago when her children were 3, 6, 8 and 10, but is picking it back up this year since her youngest is now old enough to get more out of it than she did three years ago.

It’s “great for the whole family,” Lisa explained. “I liked the fact that it studied the attributes of God in a kid friendly way, and my kids really enjoyed most of the activities. It was a way for everyone to contribute.”

I like how it encourages family participation and is not just something handed off to the child to do by herself. Reading an excerpt from Learning About God on I found the following example:

A: God is Almighty
O great and powerful God,
Whose name is the Lord Almighty,
Great are your purposes and mighty are your deeds.
Jeremiah 32:18-19

Power Unlimited
No doubt you have seen Superman leap over tall buildings, fly through the air, and crush trains and trucks. But he is only a make-believe character. No human has such strength or ability; only Almighty God has unlimited supernatural powers.

What do you think of when you hear the word power or supernatural or almighty? Each family member should fill in at least one blank and talk about it.

There are then several blanks for everyone in the family to contribute their answer, thus making this exercise a good one for discussion, sharing and teaching.

Learning About God From A To Z looks like a fun supplement for your family devotion time. Perhaps you could do an activity either before or after you spend ten or fifteen minutes reading from the Bible as a warm-up or wrap-up, or find an activity that corresponds with what you’re reading and do it one night as a reinforcement instead of reading from the Bible.

Amazon has this book available at very reasonable used prices. If you’re looking to purchase this book, would you go through my site to help support this ministry?

Resource Friday is all about finding materials, resources and ideas that either help enrich your family devotion time or strengthen your walk as a Christian parent. Let me know what you would recommend by emailing me ( or leaving a comment with a way to get back to you.
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