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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Results For Poll On Prayer

photo by Memotions

The results for the poll on when and where you as a parent have taught your child to pray surprised me a little bit. There were several areas I was expecting a real deficit, thus giving me fodder for an article or two on how to teach your child to pray. But as you can see, the results from those who voted were fairly evenly distributed across the board.

At dinner time 58%
At every meal 75%
At bedtime 91%
At church 66%
When he’s scared 75%
Any time of the day 75%
For someone else 66%

It leads me to believe two things:

  • I’m either preaching to the choir, OR
  • I have lurkers out there who, when they saw the direction the poll was going, didn’t feel led to place their vote.
More voters may have given a better representation, but either way, one thing holds true: prayer is important. It’s not finding the right words or the right time that matters the most. Saving prayer for bedtime or whenever you hold family devotion relegates God to a time slot. Seeing as how He’s bigger than time, it doesn’t make much sense to teach our children to box Him in.

Part of what we’re trying to teach our children is that our God is accessible, loving and desirous of an intimate relationship with Him. If we want our children to accept Christ as their Savior, they need to understand that. Teaching them to pray and praying with them moves them in the right direction to make that choice.

My thanks to those who participated in the poll. And thanks to Calvin Wulf for the idea. What else would make for an interesting poll? Share your idea by leaving a comment.

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