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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas Lull

photo by doortoriver

I'll be taking just a short respite (short, short) as I enjoy visiting family from out of town, negotiate the ice in getting them back to the airport, and plan out (or strategerize, as some in our family have a habit of saying) where I'm taking the blog in 2009. I guess you can say I'm down for retooling.

I'm working on a new series which will have application for a lot of families out there. Our family is a blended one, and as such there have been unique challenges that come with being witnesses of the gospel to children who are steps, halves and wholes and of varying age ranges. I know other families have other challenges that they contend with.

If you have a particular concern that you'd like to see addressed in this series, please drop me an email or comment.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas filled with the love of Christ, and I pray you all stay safe and warm if you live in a part of the country that's dealing with this crazy winter stuff.

God bless us all.


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