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It's hard enough to be a Christian parent in this world. How do we combat the forces of evil while at the same time raise our children to desire to walk in God's light? By seeking His face, His Word and inspiration from each other as we stumble through this parenting process together. You will find all the instruction, encouragement and resources you need right here at The Greatest Mission Trip You'll Ever Take to help you be the most effective witness to your child that God would have you be. Look around and come back often. Let's learn together.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Resource Friday - Christian Parenting Daily

Can you ever get too much good information about being the parent God calls you to be? Would you love it if it was free?

Christian Parenting Daily is a website dedicated to giving Christian parents the daily encouragement, support and help that they need. It’s “an engaging, interactive, daily, online parenting magazine full of socially relevant, Biblically accurate, helpful and entertaining content published by people you can trust who are called to make your job easier.” Their goal is to help you reach your goals; a peaceful happy home, strong family relationships and children who grow up loving and serving God.

You’ll find feature articles, how to introduce God to your child, synopses on movies that can be used to teach discernment in your children, and a discussion of current events and how they may impact your family’s spiritual walk. Sprinkled throughout are interesting videos to help bring home certain points and humorous anecdotes to help you relate.

Christian Parenting Daily is just one more resource to add to your list. I don’t think you can ever get too much good information.

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