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It's hard enough to be a Christian parent in this world. How do we combat the forces of evil while at the same time raise our children to desire to walk in God's light? By seeking His face, His Word and inspiration from each other as we stumble through this parenting process together. You will find all the instruction, encouragement and resources you need right here at The Greatest Mission Trip You'll Ever Take to help you be the most effective witness to your child that God would have you be. Look around and come back often. Let's learn together.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to The Greatest Mission Trip!

If you're stopping by from Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon or some other social media, a most heartfelt welcome to you. I deeply appreciate you spending the time to find out what others have been talking about!

The Greatest Mission Trip You'll Ever Take (or TGMT, for short) is a ministry to Christian parents designed to encourage and equip them to view their home as a mission field, and their children as the target of their outreach. It's meant to be both practical and inspiring, spurring you to greater unity as a family as you lay a foundation of God's truths in your home.

Who exactly am I? You can find out more about me on my profile page, but I have a burden to see families draw closer together in the Lord and for children to cherish for themselves the faith of their parents.

I'd love to take you on a quick tour of the site. There's much here that you'll find helpful. May I suggest some of the most popular articles?

If you're looking for ideas about how to begin family devotions, you'll find the Step By Step series full of just the information you need.

There are also a number of other series on prayer, the role of husband and wife in the missional home, teaching the Ten Commandments, the Christian blended family and many more. You'll find a list of them, with links, in the left-hand sidebar.

Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Come find me! I'd love to get to know you on a more personal level and share additional tips and ideas for being a purposeful discipler in your home.

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Again, thanks so much for stopping by. I pray your visit was a blessing and that you come back again and again to receive encouragement and practical help for turning your home into the mission field God wants it to be.

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