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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

photo by kowitz
Several people I know or have spoken with celebrate the birth of our Savior with a birthday cake, replete with lit candles and a rousing rendition of the Happy Birthday song. Our family used to do it every year, but somehow as the children got older, moved out (and then moved back, and then out again) and we moved around, we lost the tradition. Sad, really, because it’s such a simple thing to do to remember that it’s Christ’s birthday we’re celebrating.

I’m going to revive the tradition this year. Money has been tight (can you say, yowwee?), but I got a Pillsbury cake mix and a can of frosting, both on sale and with a coupon, and I’m going to make Jesus a birthday cake that we’ll enjoy dining on with our Christmas meal. However, I put a little bit of thought into it and I’m going to add some symbolism to the cake, which I will explain to the family as I cut into the dessert.

*White frosting, to symbolize the purity of Jesus’ sinless life, the perfect lamb come to Earth as a sacrifice for all.

*One single candle, preferably blue or purple if I can find it in my cupboard, to signify the kingship of the babe born in Bethlehem, and that He is the One we’ve all waited for.

*The cake will lie in a bed of toasted coconut. The kids don’t particularly like coconut, but Bill and I love it. The coconut will symbolize the humble nature of Christ’s birth, lying in a feed trough among the hay, the animals and the cool night air.

*And finally, as I cut into the cake and reveal the first slice, I’ll explain that, although the magic of Christmas is in the miracle of a Savior being born to mankind, that miracle is overshadowed by the greater miracle some thirty odd years later when our Savior went to the cross. The cake itself, a bright red strawberry flavor, will exemplify the blood shed for our benefit because our God loves us so much.

Will you do a birthday cake this year? How will your family make Christmas meaningful as the birthday of the Christ? It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Make your efforts simple but purposeful to keep Jesus the center of your Christmas celebration. Gifts and parties and busyness aside, there is no other reason for the holiday.

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Desirae said...

Oh I love the symbolism you're putting into it this year. :) We have continued the birthday cake tradition with our kids as my family did. I'll have to think on the symbolism ideas.
Have a very blessed Christmas.

Deb Burton said...

Thanks Desirae, would love to know if you come up with anything different from my own. And just checked the cupboard for a blue or purple candle and found only green and yellow. Now I'm going to have to go out and get some more candles. I just have to have a blue or purple one!