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Friday, April 4, 2008

Bible Reading For Teenagers

When our two oldest sons moved into their teen years they acquired regular Bibles that didn’t have any additional features other than maybe a brief concordance in the back along with some maps. Our oldest especially liked to have various translations. He would sometimes have two or three Bibles laid out on his bed so he could compare verses for wording.

As our daughter entered her teen years, she found the Teen Study Bible (NIV), a paperback edition that contained a lot of the same kinds of embedded features as the Adventure Bible, but with language geared specifically to the teen culture. In her Bible a hip robe-clad character named Jericho Joe introduces readers in how to apply Bible truths in everyday situations using a Dear Abby kind of format.

They’ve covered everything from clothing styles, dealing with peer pressure, and handling jealousy in friendships to setting themselves apart, interacting with their parents and striving for excellence. The breakout pages are very God-focused and usually do an excellent job of tying the reading in with real life.

I like the Teen Study Bible because it has allowed me to center our discussion around issues pertinent to today’s teens. At times we have picked through the Bible, selecting areas of current interest (or dilemma) and then reading the passage associated with it. I’ll ask questions, we’ll discuss interpretation and application and pray about it, particularly if it’s a pressing issue.

Beginning a Bible reading program with your teen may present some challenges. If he was never read to as a youngster, having you read to him now may seem strange to both of you. Approach it from the standpoint that you are reading together as a family, not reading the Bible to or for him. With his own Bible, especially if it is something like the Teen Study Bible, you can have him share in reading duties, and definitely share any additional information or the situational ethics questions that pop up from time to time.

If you don’t know where to start but are open to suggestions from others, go to your pastor or, if your church has one, your child’s youth pastor. Discuss where your child is in terms of salvation, commitment and maturity, any issues your child has or concerns of your own, and what goals you may have in mind. Your pastor will knowledgeably guide you with some suggestions of where to start.

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