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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Eunice Kind Of A Mom, Part 1

Mothers, you didn’t think I was going to leave you out of this, did you? I just finished a few days of discussing the role of fathers in being the spiritual leaders in their homes. We also have a definite role in raising our children to the Lord. While the fathers have Joshua to emulate, the Bible gives us Eunice.

Eunice was young Timothy’s mother, mentioned ever so briefly in 2 Timothy: 5. She may have only received a two second blip, but the impact she had in her son’s life not only impressed the apostle Paul enough that he spoke of her, she made it into the most famous book of all time. Not a bad way to be remembered.

Timothy’s father was a Greek, while his mother was a Christian Jew. We can only surmise that his father was an ineffectual part of his spiritual upbringing. Eunice, with the support of her Godly mother, Lois, took it upon herself to make sure young Tim knew about Jesus, salvation and walking in faith.

Without this mother’s diligent effort in teaching her son, Timothy would have been just another man, a number among numbers in the ancient Roman census. Because of it, however, it is recorded that Timothy traveled with Paul on his missionary trips, even staying at Ephesus at one point to handle some problems going on there. So strong was his faith that he spent time in prison for it.

All because a mother thought it important enough to teach her son about Jesus. There’ll be some tough questions for you to ask of yourself tomorrow.

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