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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Eunice Kind Of A Mom, Part 2

While us mothers don’t have the primary responsibility of leading our families, we must still be aware of our role in teaching our children from God’s Word and in supporting our husbands to be the spiritual force God ordained them to be. As such, we have some tough questions of our own to ask of ourselves.

Mothers, I’ve heard during my Christian lifetime many of you who long to have a husband who leads his family in devotions and biblical teaching. Have you removed yourself from playing the dominant role in the home so he’s able to step up to the plate? Have you asked him to? Or is this a conversation you have only in your head, expecting your husband to read your mind and follow through with action?

Or have you decided in the meantime that, since your husband isn’t taking the lead, that neither will you? Does your husband see your faithfulness in following God’s Word, teaching your children, and feel burning coals heaped upon his head? Does your husband hear nagging or joy as you teach your children?

Mothers, do your children catch you reading the Bible for yourself? Are you more willing to chauffer them to the next extracurricular activity than you are to champion their salvation? Have you made the development of their Christian walk as important as your own? Do they know where you stand, exactly, on salvation, living for Christ or reaching others?

If we have determined that we are Christians, our walk must reflect obedience to God’s Word. We have been given children to raise up godly believers in Christ, and as such that makes our homes a mission field. As mothers, we need to be just as ready as our husbands to give an accounting before the Lord for the time we spend teaching our children about Him.

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