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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Helping Your Child Find His Way Around The Bible, Part 3

photo by Guillermo Esteves

Computer Fun
Another fun tool is a computer-based program that you can download from the internet. It is called Know Your Bible and can be found at among other websites. Know Your Bible is a series of games, one available as freeware and the rest for a small donation of $15 for the deluxe edition. By clicking buttons you can place Bible books, Old Testament People, Old Testament Events, Life of Joseph Events, Life of David Events, New Testament Events, Life of Christ Events, Miracles of Jesus, and Passion Week Events, in correct order.

It’s been updated since my children played with it. It now includes a “talking” parrot named Peedy, who really doesn’t talk as much as he scrolls out words in a bubble over his head. Nonetheless, he’s cute.

The freeware edition contains the New Testament books. The titles are all scrambled and you must click on them in correct order, against a clock. A beep signifies you made a correct choice, a buzz that you made a mistake. Upon completion you get a nice round of applause for your effort. At the end of the game you can reset it, shuffle the books around and start all over again.

The deluxe edition has the Old Testament, along with other features to be placed in order of appearance in the Bible. My children enjoyed using the freeware edition, always trying to best their last time or score or that of a sibling.

Using music, games and the computer can lend a touch of fun to learning the books of the Bible, but probably the best way to learn them is just to use the Bible. You’re not considered a bad Christian if you have to use the Table of Contents. You’ll find as you go along that you’ll get a grasp of how the Bible is laid out and will be able to go right to where you need to be in short order.

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