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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspiring Families - What Devotions Mean For This Family

Terry and Mary Anne are the parents of two daughters, one a college freshman, their youngest a middle schooler. We attend church together and I’ve always been impressed by their character and conduct, both as a family and individually (unbeknownst to a lot of people, I spend a lot of time watching group interactions, family dynamics and how an individual carries him or herself. You can learn a lot about their Christian character just by watching people).

During a parent gathering at one of our youth group nights, Terry mentioned the need for families to spend time in devotion together. My ears pricked up, and I managed to corral Terry and Mary Anne into answering some questions for me about how they do devotions. They were only too delighted to let me share their answers with you.

Q - What do you use for devotions with your family?
A - Keys For Kids Daily Devotionals For Kids.

Q - Why did you pick that particular material?
A - I don’t remember for certain. I think they might have sent a sample copy because I get other Christian magazines. [More info on this devotional material tomorrow]

Q - When did you start doing devotions as a family?
A - Since Meagan [their college-aged daughter] was about two years old.

Q - What made you decide to hold family devotions?
A - (Mary Anne) I just thought it was important because my mother did it.

Q - Do you do other things besides reading from the devotional material?
A - Reading from the Bible, praying, not often singing. We do listen to Christian CDs and Christian radio stations.

Q - Who usually leads the devotions?
A - Mary Anne usually - sometimes Terry.

Q - When do you do them?
A - We try to do them every night but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Q - What’s the biggest challenge you have in holding family devotion time?
A - Everyone is tired by evening. After cleaning up from supper, doing laundry, going over homework, and often having some meeting to go to, there isn’t time.

Q - What has been your goal for holding family devotions?
A - Increased knowledge of the Bible, emphasis on prayer and answers to prayers, and increased interest in Christian activities.

Q - What have been some of the benefits of having this time together?
A - My family has experienced the same benefits as listed in the previous question, as well as a closer bond among family members.

Q - Terry, what would you share with other Christian fathers?
A - Men, it’s the man’s job to lead the family in a Godly way. Try your best to be a part of devotions. God will bless you and your family when you do.

Q - Mary Anne, what would you share with other Christian mothers?
A - Even though it is difficult, it only takes a few minutes to do, and it is worth it. Encourage your husband and all your family members to participate. It is amazing how something so small can have such a significant influence.

Q - Any parting words?
A - When you earnestly try to raise a Godly family, God will bless you and help you find the time.

Terry and Mary Anne, thank you so much for your testimony and insight! It is quite evident from your walk that the Lord has richly blessed you.

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