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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Inspiring Families: Watching Christ Work Through Our Child

Wade and Jonica Suver, parents to three children, live in eastern Illinois. I asked Jonica to share how her family does devotion time and to describe the blessings that have come from it.

Jonica: I was recently asked how my family approached family devotionals. I thought back to my younger days when as a family we did nightly devotionals. My parents would have my sisters and I read from a children's Bible and we would talk about what was going on in the story. We also would all pray for one another and the needs of those around us.

I never realized what an impact that made on me until I had children of my own. Now, we take time as a family to sit down before bed and read from a children's devotional. This allows us to answer questions my children have about God and their relationship with Him. It has been a source of joy and sometimes laughter to listen to their questions and answers. The best part is to start seeing them recognize and understand Scripture that they have heard before. I pray that this will encourage a love to seek the Lord out later on in their lives.

As we then begin to pray we allow each child (ages 7 & 8) an opportunity to pray for anything that is on their hearts. There have been so many blessings that have come out of this. My heart swells with such love to hear them humbly ask for prayer for others instead of themselves. My children have heard my husband and I pray so often that it has become such a second nature to them. I can hear my own father pray "as we approach Your throne" that I say that as well. Now my youngest will speak about approaching the throne of God with such reverence and love that it brings tears to my eyes.

The importance of this is so great because if I don't teach my children, who will? It is the responsibility that God gave me when He graciously allowed me to care for His child that I must teach them about the Lord. I see now that my parents were taught by their parents and then so forth, so it is such a blessing to do the same for my children. Many nights we have laughed and cried together as a family, and since we have done this since birth, my children think that this is what everyone does.

Recently our area was hit by flooding that devastated many families. My husband and I answered the call to help at our church, which was turned into a refugee shelter. I forget that our children are watching us, but the point hit home when we received a note from my son's first grade class. Apparently a boy in his class was having to move because his family lost everything in the flood. The teacher noted, though, that Wyatt raised his hand and asked his classmates to all bring in a good toy for Tommy to take to his new home in another town, so he would not have nothing. I must admit that as the tears filled my eyes I asked Wyatt why he came up with that, and he so humbly said, "Because Mom, that is just what we do, right? We serve Jesus."

Wow! The Lord was honored that day in my son's class because I believe his parents were honoring Jesus in teaching him. Parents, do not be overwhelmed with this task. It is such a grand adventure and one that is being guided by the hands of our Savior!

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