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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Secularization Of Easter

One of the things that we as Christian parents have to guard against is the creeping in of the world into our spiritual instruction of our children. It's hard enough as it is to present God as the Almighty Creator of the universe when our society has so watered Him down and redefined His truths. Secularists have removed prayer from school, changed Christmas to Happy Holidays, and eliminated In God We Trust from the dollar coin.

But we also have to be careful that we as Christians aren't the ones making the worldly changes. We're supposed to be representing the truth according to God, and not allowing worldly teaching to subterfuge its worth, reliability or godly origins. When we as Christians go along with these secular changes, we're guilty of collusion.

The only way around this is to be rooted in the Word so when something arises, we know when to take a stand and when to protect our children. Such is the case with some Easter curriculum that is being sent out to hundreds of churches around the country where the crucifixion of Christ has been eliminated for fear it is too graphic to share with preschoolers.

Please read Blake Hickman's post A Really Tough Lesson at Two Institutions for the details on the letter sent to his church from My First Look, the company publishing this altered Easter curriculum. Blake admonishes us, correctly, to approach this dilemma in love, but approach it we must. My suggestion is to determine if your church is among those utilizing this company's curriculum and make sure your pastor is, at the very least, aware that this egregious error is being disseminated.

If we remove Christ from the cross, we remove the very hope we have of salvation from our sins. Let us not teach our children, even the youngest ones, that it's all right to do this.

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