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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recommended Resources - Keys For Kids

Terry and Mary Anne introduced us a couple of days ago to the Keys For Kids material they use for their family devotions. It’s a resource that’s been around for awhile and is published by CBH Ministries out of Grand Rapids, MI. CBH, which stands for Children’s Bible Hour, produces a number of programs, including the classic Children’s Bible Hour and Storytime (both radio programs broadcast on numerous Christian stations across the country), Down Gilead Lane (an audio drama available online and on CD), and Keys For Kids.

Keys For Kids is a bimonthly booklet and contains daily devotions with Bible verses, an age-related story, questions for discussion and a thought for the day. It also has some puzzles or activity sheets scattered throughout. The devotionals are intended for ages 5-12, but could be used for younger or older children. The devotionals are also available by email. They’re free, but I would encourage you to support CBH Ministries with a donation for their effort.

You can check out Keys For Kids and the other resources available through CBH by going to, or click on the CBH icon to the left. You’ll be able to download today’s Keys For Kids devotional so you can check it out for yourself. There’s also a link for Down Gilead Lane if you want to check out their audio drama.

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