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Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Do We Teach Our Children To Pray For? Part 3 of 3

I will never forget the day at church when a young girl came running up to me. She was so excited I thought her smile would erupt right off of her face. She shared with me an incredible story of God’s wonderful grace in her life and how He had answered prayer.

A tiny bird routinely sat outside her bedroom window and sang to her everyday. She became totally enamored with the little thing, and a thought began developing in her heart. Could she get the bird to come to her and eat from her hand? She took it to the Lord and asked Him if He would calm the tiny creature, assuring it she meant it no harm and only wanted to feed it.

Everyday for weeks, this young girl would steal outside with seed in her hand, seating herself far enough away as to not frighten the bird, but inching closer and closer as the days went by. Finally she was close enough that she could see the banding on the bird’s feathers. She held out her hand with the seed, but it ignored her gift. More days went by without the bird coming to her, but she continued praying that the Lord would bring it to her hand and it would eat from it.

And one day she was rewarded for her effort. Not only did it hop into her hand, the bird allowed her to gently stroke it with her finger. If you can only imagine how excitement bubbled with her words as she told me her story. What a precious gift this young girl’s parents gave her. They taught her the true reason for praying, the ultimate purpose in coming before God in petition.

None other than to glorify Him. Teach your children this.

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