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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What We Expose Ourselves To, We Pick Up On

It’s interesting listening to the conversational dynamics between Christians sometimes. All things being equal (regular church attendance, ministry service, involvement in church-sponsored activities, etc.), one of the speakers will oftentimes bring the name of Jesus into the conversation while the other seems uncomfortable with that level or tone of “spirituality.”

Conversely, many people have no trouble at all saying “God.” It’s often the first thing out of someone’s mouth when someone sneezes, and is frequently used irreverently as a way of expressing surprise (“Oh my God!”). People will discuss God and politics, God and school, and God and social mores with great alacrity.

However, there are even those who find using the name “God” difficult. They’ll substitute other more casual references. The “Man Upstairs,” “The Big Guy” or even the “Big Cohuna” are all quite popular. Sometimes it’s just a general reference, as in “Someone up there was looking out for me.” I feel uncomfortable treating our Lord so indifferently, as though He’s just another god and not the God. Surely we can show more respect for the One who is the Creator of the universe, who speaks things into being and who gave the ultimate sacrifice, His Son, so we could spend eternity with Him.

I can’t claim to have always had an easy time speaking the name of Jesus. Having a conversation using only the most general of terms was as far as I got. I was afraid that if someone overheard me speaking this openly about my faith that I would be pegged as, well, a little fanatical. I mean, it was OK to mention what had happened in church the other Sunday, or that my children were really enjoying Vacation Bible School or that my study group was wonderfully supportive. But use the word “Christ” or “Lord” or “my Savior” in everyday conversation? I was a little uneasy about that.

I made a decision to change that around for myself. I began hanging around others who unashamedly spoke His name. It goes without saying: whatever you routinely expose yourself to, you undoubtedly will pick up on. This precept is something we try to teach our children, but often fail to take into consideration for ourselves. For better or worse, we often assume the personality and interactive dynamics of whatever group we’re a part of.

I'll describe tomorrow how I was influenced negatively by others, without even realizing it.

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