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Friday, June 6, 2008

A God Reminder

photo by aussiegall

I found a little plaque buried in a box that a friend had given me many years ago. Funny how when life requires more of you, God seems to plant little reminders here and there that He will always look out for His children’s best interests. That doesn’t mean that He’ll make things easier, just that He will be faithful to His character and true to His Word but we’ll derive the benefit as we follow Him.

The plaque says:

Sometimes God calms the storm.
Sometimes He lets the storm rage
And calms His child.
That’s a good reminder of who’s in charge, isn’t it? Discovering this little plaque coincides with the chorus of a song that has been running through my head for about the last week. Just the chorus, no other part of the song, but it pops in there dozens of times a day. I hear Avalon singing, “God is in control….”

One of the great challenges we face as parents is teaching our children the meaning behind Philippians 4:11 when we go through times of trial: “…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” It certainly is easier to be content when things are going well. Can we continue to sing songs of praise and adoration to the Lord when things are tough?

When we worry out loud, do our children hear us take it to the Lord, or does it seem like we try to handle it on our own? When the stress gets to us and we slip up and take it out on a loved one, do they hear humility when we ask their forgiveness or rationalization? Do they see our Bible lying around, pages bookmarked and verses underlined, or do they see it sitting on a shelf for wont of use?

During seasons of trial our children will undoubtedly see us at our worst from time to time. How do we exemplify a life devoted to following Christ to them? What will they take away from the whole experience? How will they choose to handle their own times of challenge?
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