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Sunday, June 8, 2008

How To Have A Great Vacation

photo by M O D E

This post is primarily for fathers, although you mothers may want to print it and put it where your husband can read it. Many families are headlong into vacation season right now, but if you want to have one that is a real memory maker and filled with the right kind of rest and relaxation, check out the article that C.J. Mahaney wrote entitled Leadership and Family Vacations.

Now, this is going to sound like a contradiction, but according to Mahaney family vacations should involve work on the part of the father. That’s right, dad isn’t supposed to be the primary person getting all the rest and relaxation. He’s supposed to be serving, leading, planning, initiating and working!

The husband and father is the one who sets the tone for the whole vacation experience, and my experience has been that that’s entirely true. Bill has learned over the years to temper his go-go-go take on vacation and integrate several days of sitting and watching the grass grow for the sake of his wife and some of his children. And his initiating family game nights and group family devotions (where several families come together) have created the most memorable moments of laughter and sharing.

Read Mahaney’s article. If you want a vacation that lasts long in your family’s memory and transfers from your children to your grandchildren, integrate the seven lessons he learned into your time away. It will be the best time away from work you’ll ever have!

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