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Friday, July 25, 2008

Resource Friday - Dateable

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Today we have guest blogger Rachel Burton (yep, my daughter!) submitting a review. Rachel is 15 years old, studying to be a classical pianist and vocalist (she’s currently working on Fantasy In D Major by Mozart and singing the female solos from Les Miserables) and loves PB&J sandwiches. Her favorite books of the Bible are the letters of Paul. You can read more of Rachel’s thoughts at her blogsite, Way of Shiloh.

“A lot of what you read in these pages you’re not going to like,” Justin says.
“But it’s not about you.”
That is in the preface (or “the thing before the thing,” as the author puts it) for Dateable written by Justin Lookadoo (and a few insights from Hayley DiMarco), a book teaching both male and female teens how to date healthfully and in the way that God designed.

However, Dateable is not written in a way to make it sound like an adult preaching to teens. Justin, formerly an award-winning probation officer, makes you feel like you’re just talking to another teenage guy. Yes, he is blunt. Yes, he speaks the truth with no mercy. Yes, he tells you what you don’t want to hear. But in the end he wraps it up with love, he’s funny, and he knows exactly what teens (both male and female) think during the dating process. Plus, he doodles all over the pages - another thing to make him seem just like your average teen guy.

While I have not yet started dating, Dateable has already helped me a lot by teaching me what the opposite sex really thinks during certain situations (being a guy himself, Justin speaks from experience), and even why I, as a girl, think some of the things I do. It taught me situations to be wary of, how to have fun on dates without the temptation, and most importantly to realize that God is above all things, even your boyfriend or girlfriend. He is the One that should be getting more of your passion and love, not put on the backburner for your partner.

In short, all teens will be able to relate to this book, whether they are dating or not. Justin’s points are head-on and any teen, no matter who he or she is, will be able to learn from this book. As a teen myself, I highly recommend it.

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Sandra Hersey said...

How awesome! It is great to have insight from a young reader who this really effects! Great job!