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Friday, July 11, 2008

Resource Friday - Parent’s Guide To The Spiritual Growth Of Children

I recently met author and contributing editor Rick Osborne through the group 1,000,000 Christian Parents Raising Disciples For Christ on Facebook (my link is in the sidebar) and noted his latest book posted there. Rick writes for Focus On The Family, so I thought I’d get a copy of his book and see what it was all about.

Drat. He helped write the book I would have written. Parent’s Guide To The Spiritual Growth Of Children: Helping Your Child Develop A Personal Faith provides lots (and lots) of insight into how to reach your child, from age birth to twelve, with the gospel message.

What I like about the presentation is that it isn’t preachy. You feel like you’re learning from fellow parents who have dealt with all the same obstacles of discipling their own children. In fact, it has these really motivating snippets imbedded in the text of how the authors demonstrated Christ and Christian living to their children.

The Spiritual Growth Of Children is divided into three sections. The first section provides an overview of why it’s so important for parents to be their child’s primary Bible teacher along with the basic plan for getting started. The second section helps you develop a more detailed plan with information about the various stages and ages of a child’s spiritual development, thus helping you better customize a plan that will work for you instead of against you. The third section is more of a reference, giving you biblical and theological content to teach at different stages of your child’s development.

Liberally sprinkled throughout are worksheets, useful charts, object lesson ideas and tips for activities to use for certain age ranges.

If you’re looking for encouragement and practical ideas for family devotions and helping your child apply biblical principles in everyday life, The Spiritual Growth Of Children will be an enormous help to that end. It’s an enjoyable read, and frankly, easy on the brain. If you’re a busy parent like me, you’ll appreciate that.

Every Friday is Resource Friday! Share what has worked with your family: devotionals, supplemental materials, books, software, games, camps, etc. Your contribution could be answered prayer for another family. Simply email me or leave a comment about your recommendation.

If you’re going to purchase this resource, why not go through my link. I’d appreciate the support!

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