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Friday, August 15, 2008

Resource Friday - Hero Tales

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I love exposing our children to godly role models. I hope I am one, but frankly my children see me too often at my worst and needing reproof from the Holy Spirit. That makes me human, of course, and recognizing that I need help from others who can provide Christian examples of faith, trust, strength and love.

Hero Tales by Dave and Neta Jackson provided just the inspiration I needed. Full of inspiring stories of ordinary people responding to God’s call in their lives, I read these books (there are four in all) to my children and felt inspired myself.

Each book has fifteen different people of the faith - Amy Carmichael, Martin Luther, Dwight L. Moody, John Wesley, Samuel Morris and Gladys Aylward among others. Each person has a short biographical summary (maybe one or two pages), then three short anecdotal stories, followed by a few review questions at the end.

My plan was to space the readings out, one anecdotal story a day, to extend the life of the resource. My children would have none of that. The stories about these peoples’ lives were so interesting, they required me to read straight through each person’s section in one sitting. They would have had me read the whole book all the way through, but I put the brakes on that. I wanted more life out of the book than that!

Use Hero Tales as a supplement to your family devotion time, or as a short respite between Bible studies. The online information states the books are for children age 7 and up, but my children were in middle school and enjoyed the books immensely. I did, too!
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