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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Does Moral Character Matter In A President?

photo by Seamus Murray

Our local Wal-Mart is a frequent stop-off place for us after church on Sundays. Us, and it seems half our church. It’s not unusual to meet a fellow member in the cereal aisle while nodding at someone else across the way in toiletries.

This past Sunday we ran into an acquaintance and somehow the discussion came around to the presidential race. The discussion was, for the most part, generic and non-partisan, but both of us were lamenting how politics and politicians have become tainted with unethical practices and special interest pandering.

“I would love,” my husband began to say, “just one time to vote in someone who is….”

“Competent?” the other party finished.

“No,” my husband countered. “Honest. I can forgive a bad decision if it’s made honestly. I want a president who has integrity.”


It does seem we have a multitude of elected officials who have a problem with that basic virtue. Sadly, many of us Christians have sidled away from that criteria in our candidates in favor of promises, perceived popularity and even a candidate’s good looks.

We want a president who is able to do the job, but what does it teach our children if we continue to vote in people who can’t tell the truth to those who vote him in? That truth is relative? That honesty is nice, but whatever it takes to get the job done is preferred over honor? That securing what we want as a particular voting bloc trumps the nobility of the person or the office?

During one day’s family devotion time the subject of lying came up and we discussed ways of discerning friends for their integrity. My daughter very wisely said, “If someone lies once, they’ll lie again. And if they’re willing to lie for you, they’re willing to lie to you.”

Wise words, indeed. We need to teach our children that moral character matters in our elected officials, and that our Christian walk doesn’t stop at the ballot box. We’re supposed to carry it with us wherever we go.

What are you teaching your children as it pertains to the upcoming elections? Leave a comment.


Hadias said...

At the dentist today, the children were given an opportunity to participate in a fake election. They were given mini cards with pictures of the current candidates.

After casting their ballots I asked them who they voted for and why. They told me and it sparked a conversation about how we choose a candidate to vote for.

We talked about moral values and also about the lack of values that have been demonstrated in Barack/Bidden and McCain/Pallin.

It was interesting to learn what they had picked up from the discussions that my husband and I have had about the candidates.

This election in particular has given us an opportunity to discuss a biblical view of leadership.

Debbie said...

I totally agree with this post...I had migraine after migraine when Bill Clinton was in office and just couldn't believe all that his double speak during the Monica Lewinsky scandal...And all the people who continued to support him. To this day it makes me sick. I am so tired of this election...I am voting for the lesser of the two evils based purely on my social hot buttons...because at the end of the day, their so called promises for change are hollow unless they are on their knees praying for the only ONE that can make those changes. Near as I can tell, neither of these guys are believers. Ok..this isn't why I came over here...

I am taking BATW to Illinois on Monday. Would you be able to be one of our hostessess??? Click on my profile and send me an email for the details!

Deb Burton said...

Looks like you used a good opportunity for teaching your children. And you're right. Our children are watching EVERYTHING we do and say (my daughter is learning to drive now. Ohhhh....).

Don't even get me started.

Looking forward to playing hostess on Monday!