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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Christian Cop Out

photo by yaquina

One of the things I’ve heard a lot throughout this presidential campaign is how neither candidate particularly rings true with people. Many are voting for Obama because they think McCain is too much like George W. Bush, while others are voting for McCain because there is no way they are going to vote for someone like Obama. It seems few are actually voting for a candidate because they like what the candidate stands for.

Some people have even decided they aren’t going to vote at all, because, why bother?

Among all the citizens in our country, Christians least of all need to find themselves in that camp. Here are my reasons why:

As citizens of the kingdom of God, we need to practice good citizenship here on earth. God has placed us here in these United States where the government is (supposed to be) a democratic republic. We’re allowed to participate in our government through voting, free speech and protest. I almost feel that to not participate is like slapping God in the face for the gift He gave us of living in a free nation.

As persons of faith we need to follow through with behavior that reflects what it is we talk about. One of the ways we disarm nonbelievers is to live lives that don’t give them fodder for their opposition. Upstanding believers live upstanding lives. We vote when we have the duty to.

Our children are watching our example. Apathy breeds more apathy. Complacency is a disease, whether we’re talking about politics or our Christian walk. We need to be teaching our children what being a responsible citizen means.

Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” While it might make sense to vote because it’s the only way to possibly keep a bad candidate out of office, the real reason is so we don’t eventually erode this freedom away to nothing. We vote because it protects our ability to continue voting.

Whatever happens Tuesday, November 4th, happens. We’ll deal with it. But to choose not to vote is not really a choice at all. It’s a cop out on our children’s future.

What other arguments can you come up with to convince someone to vote on election day? Share your comment.
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Cathy Nagle said...

Hi Deb, It's nice to me you. I appreciate your kind words. :o)

I could not agree more with what you've said here. I cringe when I hear people say, "well, I don't care for either candidate, so I'm not voting", arg!

When people say, it's the the lesser of two evils, well, of course it is! It's not likely that we will EVER have a candidate that we ALL agree with on ALL of the issues 100%. It truly is a cop out when this attitude is taken.

I look forward to visiting your blog again!
God Bless You Much!

Deb Burton said...

We need to do whatever we can to not only protect our freedoms, but preserve them for our children and their children. Voting is critical to that end.

Thanks so much for stopping by!