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Friday, October 31, 2008

Resource Friday - The Pineapple Story

photo by cliff1066

How about a really cute story that teaches how to put God first, especially when you’re angry and don’t want to let go of your rights?

I read about this story from Paula at Hearty Works and how she used it to teach her children how to let go of their “pineapples” that were causing conflict in the household. They listened to the story, drew pictures of things that made them angry and discussed those issues honestly. Lo and behold, on the way to putting the children down for a nap, an argument broke out over something. It was a perfect opportunity for Paula to point out the ‘pineapple’ they were hanging onto, and her children readily agreed.

I couldn’t find The Pineapple Story at our public library, but you can read an online version of it or listen to the actual author tell the story in his own words (this is too funny. He’s a very good presenter). It is available at very reasonable new and used prices at Amazon and also at the Institute in Basic Life Principles store.

There are lots of good children’s stories out there that are useful for teaching biblical principles and character training. Reading them at night before bed or as a supplement to family devotion time can be a very effective tool for witnessing and discipleship. Sometimes the right story speaks volumes.

What stories have you and your children read that have been good sources of biblical teaching or character training? Share them with us.

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Bobus said...

Thanks for this link. I listened to this, then shared it with my wife, and then shared it with our house church group. It's a great story!

Deb Burton said...

Isn't it? Very funny and convicting at the same time, which is a great way to be taught something. Thanks for stopping by.