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Friday, November 14, 2008

Resource Friday - Activities For The 10 Commandments

I know when my children were little I loved scouring the internet for ideas and activities to supplement anything I was teaching. Being a one-income household meant that anything that was free was a big score for me.

Since we’re spending some time learning about the Ten Commandments I thought it only appropriate that I find some things you could use to enhance your teaching.

The Garden of Praise site has been providing the poster outlines as memory pegs for each commandment. These are great for coloring in as you play the Stepping Stones game or plastering them around the house in an effortless way of memorizing them.

The Garden of Praise also has a Ten Commandments song that will hit just the right spot for your auditory learner. It’s sung to the tune of Ten Little Indians, and there’s a midi file to accompany the music score, both of which can be downloaded. I could always get my children to listen to me if I started singing to them.

Danielle’s Place offers all kinds of activities, games, crafts and a song adapted to the tune of Father Abraham to help teach the Ten Commandments. The site is mainly targeted for Sunday school ideas, but all of them are easily adapted for the home. provides a 7-page activity book for older kids filled with coloring pages, word search puzzles, True/False questions and other pursuits that should keep your child busy for a little while. You need to be able to download a PDF file to print it.

And finally, if you go to and scroll about halfway down the page you’ll find Print & Color the Ten Commandments. There are four pages of figures to color in, including one of blank tablets. The idea is to color them in, cut them out, write each of the commandments on the tablets and decorate it with the robed figures as you want.


Please feel free to pass along this information to friends who could use it, and be sure to tell them where you got it!

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