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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions For 2009

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It seems most of the resolutions made at New Year’s have to do with our overall health - healthy eating, starting an exercise program, losing weight, etc. We want to look good and feel better for the upcoming year.

I’m going to ask you to make a family resolution, one that affects your overall spiritual health. One that has eternal benefits in not only looking good (the light of Christ wears well on His followers) but has your family coming together in strength, unity and a common vision.

I want you to make 2009 the year of intentional discipleship of your children.

A resolution like this will not come off if the concept only stays in your head. It must be written down, discussed as a family (or at least between you and your spouse) and deliberately planned out for how it’s going to come off.

Choose one or more of these goals to resolve to do in 2009:

Decide that God is more important than anything else in your family. This is foundational and bleeds over into all other areas. How might you bring this to fruition? You might need to cut out certain activities that pull your family apart, determine to come together over meals, bring your Bibles to church as a family, or set aside a time after Sunday service to discuss your relationship with God as a family.

Begin or strengthen family devotions. If you don’t know where to begin, check out the series I did over the summer. It will take you literally step by step through how and where to get started. If you’re already having family devotions but they’re hitting haphazardly, decide how you will strengthen your Bible study time together.

Determine to use those teachable moments. Make some of them intentional. Spend one-on-one time with each child, connecting and relating his or her life back to the gospel. Come together as a family to play, goof off and learn from each other. Make connecting with your child all about establishing trust and communication so you can more easily share God’s truths. And definitely take advantage of those spontaneous moments. Ask God to grow awareness and discernment in you so those moments don’t get away from you unawares.

Pray with, for and over your children. Let them hear you pray out loud, and teach them to do it for themselves and others. Help them understand that prayer is an important part of our faith walk with the Lord and that it allows us fellowship in His presence. Make prayer a normal, everyday occurrence in your household.

2009 can be the year your family breaks new ground in spiritual growth and relational bonding. Make this the year that you intentionally put Christ in the center of your home.

Happy New Year!

Will you resolve to intentionally disciple your children in 2009? f you've made that decision I would love to pray for you. Please let me know.

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Mike Silliman said...

Hi Deb,

For me I want to strengthen our family devotions. Somehow, we've lost that and need to get it back.
Great post...and reminder!

Deb Burton said...

Thanks Mike. I'll add you and your family to my prayer list, that God give you vision, strength and the ability to bring His Word alive to your children. Blessings on you. :)