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Friday, February 20, 2009

Resource Friday - Audio Bible Online

@BeverlyElaine, a friend on Twitter, responded to a TGMT Idea I had posted (if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I regularly post practical suggestions that help and encourage parents in their discipling of their child. They’re great sources of ideas that you can put into practice immediately with your kids). This particular idea suggested that if you want to get your child into the Bible, spend time in family devotion first, then send him off for some personal devo time.

Beverly shared that her family uses the Audio Bible Online resource as a way of doing family devotions. Audio Bible Online is a chapter by chapter narration of the entire King James Bible by Alexander Scourby. Scourby originally narrated the Bible back in the 1940s for the American Foundation for the Blind. With the age of the computer, the audio was translated into more up to date media.

Beverly and her children would listen to the deep, rich voice of Scourby bring the words of the Bible to life around the breakfast table. She said it only took fifteen minutes a day, but by doing this consistently, she estimates they have read through the Bible around a dozen times. Her daughters are now 18 and 21, and they still listen to the Scourby narration.

I had to download the Real Player software in order to have access to the sound files, but this didn’t take long to do. I began with Genesis 1, and I tell you, I could just picture the creation of the earth coming together. I read along with the text online, but if each of your children had their own Bible they could follow along independently.

I then moved to Matthew 12 to hear how Scourby handled text with Jesus’ dialogue in it. It was lovely. If you think your child might have trouble following along with the old English in the KJV, Scourby’s narration makes it seem smooth and seamless.

Scourby’s narration is also available on audio CD, MP3 disk or as software for your Windows PC. These are available on Audio Bible’s products page. Beverly said they would listen to the Bible in the car as they traveled.

If you think reading out loud to your child may be a tad monotonous-sounding, try giving the reins over to the professionals. Check out Audio Bible Online as a potential resource for sharing the Word of God together as a family.

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