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Friday, February 13, 2009

Resource Friday - Jesus Laughing Pictures

Drawing by Jean Keaton
My Christian witness is extremely important to me, so when I've done something wrong I want to make sure I make it right.

On January 31st I wrote an article containing some beautiful drawings of Jesus with children. They came to me in an email and I thought they absolutely spoke of the vision here at TGMT. It is my hope and prayer that parents find the encouragement and tools needed to be a witness of the gospel to their children. I want our children to enjoy a relationship with Jesus their Savior just as is depicted in the pictures.

A Facebook friend did a little investigating and found that the artist is Jean Keaton, a very gifted woman who did the paintings and drawings and gave them away for free because of how they spoke to people. Eventually, though, her family convinced her that in order to devote the time she needed to her art, she had to begin charging at least a nominal fee for her drawings.

Somewhere along the way someone copied the drawings and began disseminating them. Many found peace and joy in their beauty, and for that Jean Keaton expressed gratitude and satisfaction that her drawings ellicited such a response. Some took advantage and began selling the prints themselves. For all the work put into the sketches, this behavior caused hurt. You can read the family's response to the emailings for further clarification.

I don't want to be accused of copyright infringement, but mostly I don't want to be party to some who might wrongly use the prints (I pray I haven't already). I'll be removing the January 31st article from my archive. Anyone coming to the page through Stumble Upon (a lot of people Stumbled the article) will find a link to this page.

However, if you would like to purchase these prints for personal use, I highly encourage you to visit the Keaton Prints page and place an order. The ones in my article are from the As I Have Loved You collection and really are reasonably priced for such exquisite art. There are also incredible images in Keaton's For They Shall Be Comforted series that will bring tears to your eyes.

My sincere apologies to Jean Keaton for any harm I may have done. From the comments I received with that post, I know the beauty of those drawings touched a lot of people. Your talent is an amazing gift from God.

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